Hello and Welcome!

I'd like to extend a special thank-you to Mrs. B for featuring October Farm as her Blog of the Week pick at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, and I would like to welcome all of her readers!

I created this blog to document my many collections (especially my witch and Halloween ones), showcase my favorite recipes and hobbies, share my gardens, and whatever else strikes my fancy! I have included links to some of my favorite posts so you can get an idea of what goes on around here.

Firstly, make sure to enter this week's giveaway by clicking here. The giveaway officially ends Friday, but a new one will also be starting on that day that will be of much interest to all of you Witchy Wenches out there! All you need to do is sign on as a follower and leave a comment to be entered.

I have a beautiful Chow-Chow puppy named Teddy who is the pip of all pups; you can meet her here.

Teddy spends most of her time in my garden. Here she is in her natural habitat just after waking up. It may be in hibernation now, but allow me to show you what it looks like in the spring, summer and fall.

I have a lot of fun with my potting table. Here it is decorated for Christmas.

My witch collection is extensive, to say the least. Here are just a few posts of what I have:

The spell books, including the original spell book from Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

Ouija boards and Tarot cards.

Antique candy containers, Jack-O-Lanterns and more.

Witch Plates and Pitchers

Cauldrons, as well as my potting shed and waterfalls.

Witch redware and more garden pictures

And did I mention that my garden has eyes?

Finally, here are some recipes:

Clam chowder

And no Halloween is complete without Baked Brain

I am very happy to have you visit, and I hope to have you all back again and again!


Pricilla said…
Yay for you. No mincemeat pies for the blog tech!
Autumnforest said…
My gift to blogs I follow is to let them know what I love about their blogs.

Wow, don't even know where to begin with yours. It starts with you, Teddy, your beautiful garden, wonderfully warm home, fantastic cooking, interesting road trips, beautiful photographs, and goes right into shared information. That's probably the most important thing to me in the blog world--to meet REAL people. You are the most genuine and warm, spirited and ethereal person. You're tender-hearted, sentimental, artistic beyond belief, talented, and classy. I guess it's no secret, of almost 100 blogs I follow--yours is the VERY BEST, my VERY FAVORITE, and I feel like I have to check in with my dear friend every day and see what's up in her life. You are the blog-world's most charming hostess. Some day when you get a cooking/Martha Stewart type show--I'll say I knew her when she didn't realize how truly amazing she is. Keep it up!
Chib said…
Thank you Joyce for visiting my blog.
I was very occupied with many work. Thw scarse time I had was to post few things then disappear.
I hope I will be the regular reader as before in few days to come.
mrsb said…
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I love visiting your blog. :)
Because I'm here today as part of Mrs B's Invading Horde of Pagans, I'm wearing my special plastic Viking hat with the pointy horns JUST FOR YOU! Love your blog, Jaz!
Jumped from Mrs. B's to you. I always like popping by here to see what you're up to. Hope you are enjoying the wintery weather. :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely to look around...and I'm glad to see that Teddy is better!
Hello and greetings from New Mexico. I love your blog, will come back again and "cruise" more. How lovely your Holiday Decorations are. Come see me sometime, not organized and fluffy but I can spin a tale or two. Linda in NM
Teri said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

I'll be sure to enter the next giveaway!!

Have a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
Visiting as a part of the Horde of Pagans. Adding your blog to my RSS feed! Always need recipes!
Nydia said…
It's always cool to visit your space! Congrats for being invaded by us angry pagans! LOL

Kisses form Nydia.
tarabu said…
Keep those fabulous recipes coming!
having so much fun visiting your blog today!