Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Fountain Is Running

I finally got the fountain working.  I try to get one thing like this done each day.

Yesterday I made this Asian noodle salad for the shelter.  I figured they never get food like this. It is healthy and fresh and full of so many different kinds of vegetables.

I made about 45 quarts of it.  It took forever for me to mix it together.  I smelled like sesame oil and soy sauce all day.  Here is the recipe:

Teddy loves having the cistern and the fountain running.

I think the running water relaxes her.

Yes, I am talking about you again.

I have a dead arborvitae that I need to cut down.

The wisteria is a monster.

The azelias are blooming by the phlox.

My perennial flower beds are filling in nicely.

This is  a nice cool place to sit on a hot summer day.

The puppy finds it very soothing.