Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring is on the Way

 I'm still sorting through hundreds of Sugaring Off photos so I thought I would show you what's going on in my gardens right now.  Teddy and I took a walk down to the lower gardens, the first time we could get down there since before Christmas.  The ponds are still frozen.

 Teddy suspects the bad kitties have come out of hibernation.


 Though there are not too many signs of Spring, if you look closely you can find buds.

 A frozen millstone.

 The hellebores put out new growth but it is now frozen.

 There are fishsicles in there somewhere.

 A frosty seat.

 Frozen pachysandra.

  Tilted witch....sounds like a good name for a bar.

 The winter blues.  Soon this will all be green.

 Teddy has seen enough and heads back to the mother ship.

Perennial burial ground.  I planted this entire area with perennials last year and none of them did much of anything. Will they come back this year, that is the question.
The forests frozen ferns.  A little alliteration for your day
If you look closely you will spy the daffodils.  Sugar shack photos will be up for tomorrow!