Monday, September 8, 2014

A Festival in the Woods

 We went to a wonderful festival on Saturday.  I think this type of festival is my favorite kind.  Everyone exhibiting here must replicate their craft exactly the way these crafts were done during the time period they represent.

 Just hangin' out around the fire.

 Learning how to cut stone.

 Click for a closer look.

 A trapper.

And he was very happy to show us his pelts and tell us all about them.

 These mushrooms were growing all over the woods.  They were pretty but probably deadly.

 This woodcarver was so talented.

 An herbalist was selling her potions.

 An apple press for making apple butter.

 There was entertainment too.

 Beautiful pottery.

 An you could watch the potter throwing her pots.

 Where the locals eat.


 The broommakers equipment.

 This booth was cooking ham and bean soup in big cauldrons over open fires.

 Little boys in semi period costumes.

 This is a version of maple syrup on snow.

 Beautiful, intricate barn stars.

 You could observe coopering at this booth.

 Buckets, wash tubs and butter churns.

 Almost every booth had it's own fire.

Learning how to survey.  More to come tomorrow.