Monday, November 15, 2010


Teddy was hungry very early this morning. I can tell this because she stands right under the burner I cook her breakfast on.

And she licks her lips.

But she is really still tired too.

So she nods off now and then while I prepare her food.

Mama.....hurry up with my breakfast please!!! I am a hungry pup!

If I look at you adoringly will it help you to cook faster?

Or maybe I will just nap to pass the time.

Teddy gobbled her food and ran outside to play. End of story.

I am ready for Thanksgiving. Well, except that we have to get over the biggest event of the year just before Thanksgiving......the Blog Tech's birthday. If you haven't done your shopping yet there is still time left. I mean, I am sure he would not refuse the gifts. Twenty seven going on seven.

I put all of my turkeys out.

These are little lead vintage turkeys from Germany.

We have so many wild turkeys around here I could just go out and grab one of them. Teddy would be so happy!

Some grim pilgrims.

If I was a turkey I would hightail it out of here for the holiday. Too many guns in this neighborhood.

I saw this at the Country Living Fair this past summer. It is so cool and retro. I am going to make some for myself this year. I will show the pics when I do.

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