Monday, October 19, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaves and Creamed Spinach

The kids were outside in the very cold weather watching football and I knew they would come home cold and hungry so I made them some comfort food.
 I made a pot roast and mashed potatoes but I also made them meatloaves and gravy which were a big hit.  Use you favorite meatloaf recipe or type meatloaf into my search bar to use mine.

Wrap them in a piece of thin bacon which flavors them and holds them together too.
While they were cooking I made creamed spinach. Saute spinach in a bit of butter.

 Whisk 4 tablespoons of butter, some salt and pepper and 4 tablespoons of flour for a few minutes over medium heat.

 Grate in some fresh nutmeg.

 Add 4 cups of milk and stir occasionally until it begins to thicken.

 Add 1 cup of Parmesan cheese.

 Mix it into the spinach.

 I placed 2 slices of French bread in each container and topped them with mashed potatoes.  Then I topped the potatoes with some creamed spinach.

 The meatloaves just out of the oven.

I placed 2 meatloaves on top of the spinach.       

Then I ladled gravy around them.  This is a real stick to your ribs kind of meal.  All packed up and ready to go home with the kids.