Monday, June 30, 2014

Roasted Chicken in Milk

 I keep seeing this chicken recipe all over the internet:

Everyone describes it as the best roast chicken you will ever eat.  When I see something like this I can't make it fast enough. I roast a lot of chickens.  Heck, I roast one for Teddy each week along with any other ones I make.  I think my roast chicken is perfect but I always think you can improve anything so I gave this a shot.

 First of all, it calls for browning the whole chicken in a bit of oil before it goes in the oven.  I never do this with my own recipe.  It's an added step and a bit tricky when it comes to flipping the bird around.  It also calls for adding heads of garlic, a handful of fresh sage, lemon zest and a cinnamon stick.

 Then you add milk and put it in the oven.

 You need something to spread the roasted garlic on so I made Italian semolina bread.  You can find this recipe here:

Here is the chicken right out of the oven.

This bread is perfect to serve with this dish.

It has a nice tight crumb.

During the cooking, the chicken and milk form this gravy which you serve over the chicken.

So, is this the best roasted chicken in the entire world?  No.  It's good, very good in fact.  Maybe it is just me, but I did not like the cinnamon flavor.  Next time, if there is a next time, I would leave it out and rely on just the lemon and sage flavor.  Also, I don't think I would bother browning the chicken beforehand.  This chicken is exceptionally tender and falls off the bone.  The roasted garlic is delicious.  I found the gravy to be a bit on the bland side. So in the future, I would leave it in the pot and reduce it after I removed the chicken.  I would enrich the flavor too.  My family loved it and thought I was being too picky.

When we were in Amish country, we bought lot of freshly picked strawberries so I canned them.

We've been using them in smoothies and on toast.  I gave a bunch away and most of my friends have been eating them on vanilla ice cream. This is the first time I have made this using freshly picked strawberries.  You can see how much juice there is on the bottom of each jar.  What a difference from store bought.  The flavor is intense and the stems popped right off.  No more store bought for me.  Strawberry season is about over here now but I must remember next spring to can a lot more so we can have these all through the winter. And maybe not give so much of it away!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Saturday

Remember the chain saw wood carver from the fair?  I bought this from him.  I actually wanted two but someone bought the other one before I got to it.  My first pumpkin of the year!  It is, after all, only 4 months until Halloween!
I bought this very nice bag too.  It is really big and will be great to take to fairs to carry purchases.  It is made of waxed canvas and has a leather handle.  It was hanging out in the rain when I bought it so it is very sturdy.
Teddy is doing a lot of this recently.  It has been horribly hot and humid and we have had lots of rain.  This makes her very unhappy.

 So she gets lots of treats which break up the boredom.

I bought my first watermelon.  The store only had seedless.  I don't think seedless watermelons taste as good as the ones with seeds?  I ended up turning it into watermelon drinks by adding some coconut milk and lime juice and putting it in my blender.

 I have a friend who just had a baby.  She has 3 kids under the age of 5 now.  I've been trying to take meals to her when I can.  I made them my cabbage bread:

I also made a loaf of rosemary bread and a big pasta salad.  My friend got a cooking break for the day.

Then we went on a short drive to visit a smokehouse that makes smoked butter!  This house is ready for the 4th of July!

This town is so cute, B&B's and cafes line the street.

This historic building is being redone.  It has wonderful trim work.

A nice stone church.

We stopped at a butcher shop along the way.

Corn from last year.

This farm has buffalo's!

A cute brick farmhouse.  This brick work reminds me of where we lived in Canada. There were lots of homes there done in red brick with yellow brick trim.

 A nice big barn.  I wonder if the red square is the beginning of a barn quilt. Oh, I did get my smoked butter.  As soon as I find some corn on the cob I will try it out.  Who knew you could smoke butter.  I guess you can smoke anything!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Vintage Trucks at the Fair

 Now this is something you don't see everyday!  The owner is an artist and he has a unique way of decorating his old trucks.

 Click to enlarge.

 Interesting sense of humor!

 This one is so cool.

 The grill looks demonic.

 I want this truck.

 Though it is huge.

 Camel Toeing...good grief.

 But these truck are very interesting.

 I have no idea.

 He totally customizes the insides too.

 I like the burlap seat cushions.

 If you ever need your camel toed...

 You call this guy....or not.  He is now The Blog Tech's new friend.  They bonded.

 Back to the fair.

 I bought something at this booth and will show it tomorrow.  I forgot to take a pic of it.
 The first ghosts and pumpkins of the season and some very nice yellow ware.

 The chain saw wood carver on our way out. was hard to leave this place.  Here is the side of the farmhouse.

 A pergola made from timber.

 Hostas and ferns, my favorite.

 I want this farm.  I would move tomorrow...I think.  Do you see the bee skeps on the porch?

Just majestic.

Goodbye perfect farm!  I will be back in October for the next fair!