Sunday, May 18, 2014

Festival Fail

 Well, what can I say?  Usually when you spot bowling signs, you aren't in the most happening area!

 See what I mean?

 This town has seen better days.

 This guy posted a sign for someone who 'stold' something from him.  A new take on a past tense!

 But this galvanized watering can came home with me for 18.00.  Vintage galvanized watering cans sell for a lot on ebay so I was very happy!

 Perogies for sale, rooms for rent and condemned all at the same time.

 A very un-festive festival if there ever was one.

 The Blog Tech and I had fun anyway.

 We found a Filipino restaurant and ordered pansit.

And chicken adobo which was very good and made the trip sort of worthwhile.