Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Tomorrow is Teddy's surgery. There will not be a post because The Blog Tech is accompanying his father for the trip to the hospital. It is 4 hours away. I am a chicken and am staying home. My husband always takes her to the vet and I don't want to change the routine. Plus they have to leave at 3:30 am. That is an hour before I usually get up. Plus I have an aversion to hospitals. This is me trying to explain away being a chicken. I hate seeing my puppy scared or hurting.

Hey Teddy...could you like try to hold still and let me take your picture? She hates it when I point the camera at her. Take a good look at this cute face because it will be quite a while until she looks this way again. They have to shave her face to do the surgery. She is going to be a very strange looking puppy for a while.

I am quite a bit more at ease since the surgeon has written to me about 5 times now. I asked every question possible. I probably drove them crazy.

The surgeon and the anesthesiologist will meet with The Blog Tech and my husband before surgery and go over everything. I will report back on Thursday!