Tuesday, October 1, 2013

West Side Market

We went to the West Side Market yesterday.

We got there early so it was not very crowded.

To get to the main part of the market, you walk through the produce section.

Frank's Bratwursts are very good.

Most of the meat stalls carry all natural grass fed beef.

I buy cheese here that I can't find anywhere else.

I always buy Lake Erie perch but they were out of it yesterday.

I bought lots from this vendor.

And cannoli's filled to order?  Cool!

Lots of perogi's to choose from.

They also have potato pancakes and stuffed cabbage.

Popcorn pumpkins anyone?

We tried the famous Steve's gyros.

They have rules. (click to enlarge)

They were featured on Man VS Food with Adam Richman.

The market itself is such a wonderful place with the arched bricked ceilings and the subway tiled walls.

One vendor was selling these wonderful steamed buns filled with locally cured ham, Swiss cheese, sprouts and dashi mustard sauce.  I will be making these soon!  More tomorrow.