Monday, June 16, 2014

A Duck Tape Parade

 Avon, Ohio is the home of Duck Tape and they hold a yearly parade and festival to celebrate it.  We had our choice of attending a dulcimer festival (me) or the Duck Tape Festival (the blog tech) and guess who won out?

 I am not into parades much but I have to say this was pretty entertaining.

 Everyone in the parade was throwing candy to the kids and they sure made out.  They had bags full of candy by the end of the parade.

 A moon and spaceship made out of duck tape.

 The astronaut's suit is made of duck tape too.

 And, of course, a duck.

 Even the local dogs joined in.  Click to enlarge any pics.

 I'm not sure why duck tape is associated with space and aliens but this spaceship was very cool.


 Followed by kids on bikes.

 A duck tape spaceship.

 Filled with boy scout aliens.

 A barn full of princesses.

 Who you gonna call?


 A Shriner.

 More princesses.

 And body jumpers.

 These guys were passing out cold water to the crowd.

 Grape Jamboree ladies.  I think we will be going to the grape jamboree.

 A republican.

 The Lion Club's lion.

 Duck Tape umbrellas and fish.  I have no idea.

 Storm troopers.

And more aliens.  This was a very long parade.  I'll show some more tomorrow.