Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teddy's Bones

Teddy recently received some bones as gifts. Nothing like a bone to keep her occupied for a while.

It is the hunting for the hiding place that takes up all of her time.

She stands motionless outside for a long time making sure no one is sneaking up on her to snatch it away.

She is eyeballing me!

Then off she goes to find the perfect most secret place. I found this white one on the side of the house covered in dirt.

She actually decided to chew the second one a bit.

She stomped on it several times with her jumbo paws.

Then she swatted it a few times.

I would not want to be that bone.

The big paw comes in handly to hold the bone down.

Then it is on to bone number 3.

And this is the way Teddy greets The Blog Tech each day.

It is a ritual which takes about 10 minutes.

She either loves him a lot or wants to eat him.

The Blog Tech gets black tongued.

The Blog Tech is tasty.

All done, now we can get on with the day.