Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tree

The tree was finally done.

I have 14 foot ceilings and to place a tree to fill that space would be very difficult. It would be too heavy to lift into a tree stand. So, I came up with this trick. I screwed the tree stand to an old table. Then I place very heavy rocks in the base to hold it down.

This lifts the tree up enough to fill the space.

I like lots of twinkling lights on my tree.

And I cover it in vintage glass and mercury glass ornaments.

I hang icicles on the ends of the branches.

With the twinkling lights it almost looks like snow is falling around it.

Some of the glass ornaments are colored.

And just when I thought my tree was done to perfection, all of the lights on half of it went out. So, today I am taking them all down so I can fix the lights and start all over again.