Friday, April 10, 2015

My Spring Garden

 All of my Spring activity in my gardens is late this year but I am finally getting some activity out there now.  The tulips are up though I am not seeing any flowers yet.

 Day lilies are poking through the ground.  This is the first year for this perennial bed and I am excited to see what comes up.

 A few blossoming trees but no sight of my trillium's yet.

Daffodils dd some color to the bleak landscape.
I planted mayflowers last year, one of my all time favorites, by no signs of them yet.
Lady's Mantle surround the daffodils.
And be still my heart!!!  My ramps are up!  Success!!! I now have wild ramps in my gardens. Wild Food of the Month: April,  allium tricoccum, The Wild Ramson,  Wild Leeks of Appalachia,  The King of Stink.  And just one of the most delectable things you can eat.  I was so worried they were a failure and now they seem to be growing inches each day.
 I must leave these alone for at least this year and possibly the next so they can establish a solid colony. Now that I know I can grow these successfully, I will be planting many more areas of them.

 Trusty Teddy is waiting for me with her ever ready getaway foot sticking out.

 My upper perennial beds are putting out some growth.

 I am pulling out all of the planters and pots.  I have plenty of work ahead of me.

We got wicked storms yesterday with more on the way today.  Grow ramps, grow!