Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Blog Tech is a Very Good Sport

On the way home from the Country Living Fair we stopped at Pigeon Roost Farm.

I was desperately in need of more pumpkins.

They are ready for pumpkin shoppers for sure.

I don't think there is a pumpkin out there that they don't offer.

I picked out a big orange one. Maybe I should say I pointed out a big one. The Blog Tech stepped up to the plate and put the pumpkin in the wagon for me. I picked the biggest one of the bunch....haha!!! Mother torture!

It was a very heavy one.

He made faces as he lifted it.

But I eventually got a very big smile!

I got my share of gourds too.

Alas, is that The Blog Tech or a ghost.

It is, look at that cute but very scary little ghost.

And look at that cute little Blog Tech.

He climbed all the way up that big ladder all by himself.

Wait a minute! Now The Blog Tech is a woman.

And now he is a farmer! What he won't do to appease his crazy mother. Parents and children watched on in horror. I laughed my ass off.

Don't you wish you had a goat hill for your goats?

Pigeon Roost farm is a learning experience too.

Assorted Ohio license plates.

Nice farm too!

Birdhouse gourds.

They have all of these cute shops scattered around the property.

Locally made soaps and things for the bath.

This was my favorite place.

How cool....pumpkin honey made from the pumpkin blossom pollen.

Pigeon Roost sells a little bit of everything and they were well stocked for Halloween.

Wipe Your Witchy Feet

This is my stash. Even the ones he is weighing.

They fit in the back of The Blog Tech's car.

It was hard to leave these behind. I wanted to lay down in the middle of them.

Here is a pic of the bees that made the pumpkin honey!