Friday, September 12, 2014

Small Town America

 We headed out early yesterday to go to a barn sale.  Do you ever have a perfect day?  They don't come along too often but yesterday was one of them for us.  When we left it was rather warm and humid.  We drove right through the cold front that was heading in our direction and bringing with it cool Fall temps.  For a while it rained.  Then it became a wonderfully crisp Autumn day.  There were farm markets everywhere along the way and the signs of Fall surrounded us.

 If you are a house voyeur, you will love this post.  After the barn sale, we headed to a local small town we had read about.  Oh was just the cutest town.  I will show more photos of it tomorrow but today I want to show you the houses we passed as we entered the village.  One was cuter than the next.

 I was so impressed that even the smaller houses, which were a bit on the plain side, had such cute gingerbread trim.

 I think this is a Sears house.  At one time you could order your home through the Sears catalog.

 This whole town seems to take great pride in their homes.

 They are all very well maintained.

 Some showed their patriotism.

 There are signs of Italianate architecture on each block.

 More cute gingerbread.

 I had trouble deciding which house I would pick to live in.

 Italianate under the eaves.

 Most did not have paved driveways which I found charming.

 More Italianate.

 Almost all of them have wonderful 'sitting' porches.

 I really liked this one. It looked so New England!

 Not only is this one for sale, it might be my favorite.  Floor to ceiling windows are one of my favorite things about old homes.

 Cute Victorian.

 I really like this one too.  What a wonderful porch.


And isn't there always one in each neighborhood?  Can you guess where I was?