Friday, March 24, 2017

Pink Depression Glass at the Thrift Store

I stopped at a thrift store after running errands yesterday and found this perfect set of Cambridge Glass bridge glasses from the 1930's.  These are quite rare because the glasses are very delicate and not many made it to 2017.  These are in perfect shape without so much as a chip or crack.  11.99!
 I'm not sure of the maker of these glasses but with delicate etching and twisted stems, they were a steal for 59 cents each.

 There were only five of them but these days I much prefer mixing and matching patterns when I set  a table rather than using all matching pieces.

 I got 2 of these tulip candle votives for 99 cents each and these 2 cute candy dished for 59 cents each. 

 Sorry for the blur.  This Cambridge glass candy dish was 1.99. This is also in perfect condition.  I'm sure all of this sat on someone's shelves for years.

 And though this juicer's bottom is missing, it can still be used over a glass or bowl and it was only 1.99.

All of this went to my daughter who loves pink glass.