Monday, May 23, 2011

Soft Shell Crabs

This is a short post today. I am busy with the ebay store. I am helping the Blog Tech and the wrapping duty has become my job. If you haven't stopped by yet, click on the BT's lonely, starving face on my sidebar and you can see some of my witch collection as well as some of my other collections. I am going to be bringing out boxes full of things I haven't seen in years so this is fun for me too. I have things I didn't remember having!

Anyhoo.....I made soft shell crabs for the birthday and thought I would show them to you. This is one of my favorite foods. Some of the pics are a bit blurry. Sorry in advance.

These are the fresh crabs. The fishmonger has already trimmed them and has taken out a lot of the mustard. The mustard is the yellow slimy stuff inside of each crab.

I heavily season some flour with salt, paper and some Old Bay Seasoning. I like a thin coating on them so I dip the crabs straight into the flour without dipping them in milk or eggs. You have to make sure to cover the crabs completely.

Uncooked soft shells are rather blue before they are cooked.

They turn bright red when they are ready.


This is what the mustard looks like. I squeeze most of it out.

I also dry them off a bit before coating them with flour.

I coat them and let them sit for a minute or so to let the flour stick to them.

I fry them in a bit of olive oil and some butter.

Caution! These thing can really spit!


You eat the entire crab, shell and all. They taste sweet, mildly crabby and wonderful!