Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ready For a Change

I am replacing my missing trees with flowers!  Until I lost the trees, I didn't realize how overgrown my garden was.  Now it is open to sunlight and my flowers can grow!

Teddy is excited too.  She loves it when I work in the yard with her.

I have made many trips to the garden center and filled the car up with lots of perennials and annuals.

I pulled out all the myrtle which surrounded the maple and laid down weed blocking fabric.  Then I added lots of potting soil.  I placed a planter on the tree stump for added height.

I am using blues, purples, yellows, reds and whites.  Teddy is heading out on patrol again.

This planter will coordinate with the rest of the plantings.

I've even decided it is time to remove the spiral evergreens.

There is a big dead spot on the front of the first one and they have outgrown the boxwood knot.  I am going to bring two large gorgeous planters up from the pool and plant them too.  I have a project!  I love projects.

I was giving up on my sad looking bay leaf tree but suddenly new growth has sprouted all over it.  I am so excited because I use these leaves on a regular bases.

I will keep you posted on the flower beds progress.  Does anyone know why my radishes are only forming above ground?  I think the early abundance of hot days made the green tops grow too fast.