Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Ponds and The Creek

Where others saw dilapidated houses, I imagined a forest and a creek.  The old houses were torn down and this is what replaced them.

It is always an exciting day when the creek is turned on.

Teddy is the most excited of all of us.

Go ahead puppy, get a good drink.

I think I will do just that, mama.  In fact, I already did, I have a wet mane.

The hillside strawberries are thriving.

Upon reflection, the new gazebo project is going to take longer than I thought.  We have to find someone to take the old one down and set a footer for the new one.  Maybe next spring?

Ramps planted!  I hope to have my own patch next spring.

This is the unused area behind the present gazebo.  I am hoping to locate the new one back here.

Teddy is perusing the lower gardens to see if anything is lurking below.

The columbines are blooming.

Teddy at her lookout post.  You can see the foxgloves I just planted just in front of her.

The middle pond.

The creek running down to the middle pond.

Looking up the path.

The bluebells are slow to spread.

An apple arch over the raised fruit orchard.  Boxwood trimming anyone? I have a lot of that ahead of me.

The fish are happy to have the waterfalls working.  I am amazed that they made it through the frigid winter.

My first currents.

I planted currants and gooseberries in this area and they should do well here.

Apple blossoms on the espaliered apple trees.

Teddy is like Goldilocks.  She makes sure to try out the water in each pond to find the one that is just right.

And then it is time to return to the mother ship.

She is still holding up her paw. I am pretty certain this is from a cracked pad.  Standing in the ponds several times a day should help clean it up.

The fountain is ready to be turned on.

The hostas are coming up behind the garage.

The phlox is blooming too.  Some of it died off so I will be replacing it soon.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!