Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Patrol

My daughter sent me these tulips for Mother's Day and they still have not quite opened.  Thank you sweet daughter.  It must be weird to have a mother who hates Mother's Day but you try to cheer me up anyway!
 The honeysuckle is just about to open.  It is going to smell glorious and the bees will be all over it.

 The dogwoods are still blooming.  Click on any of the pics to enlarge them.

 Here are some of the strawberries I planted recently.  These things are growing like crazy. It always amazes me how plants react when you plant them in the right spot.

 Teddy charges down to check things out.

 All clear here mama...no bad kitties.

 No matter how fast I walk down the steps, Teddy always beats me to the bottom.  She knows all the shortcuts.

 We went down to 29 degrees last night so I covered the tender plants.  They all look fine today.

 I lost 2 fig trees over the winter but 3 others are leafing out.  I hope I get lots of figs.  I love eating figs right off the tree when they have been warmed by the sun.

 Who knew fish could be happy?  My fish are literally playing with each other ever since the waterfalls have been turned on. They swim over and under each other and are very active.

 After Teddy checks every nook and cranny, she starts the climb back up to the main house.

 Sometimes she takes the steps.

 Here she is playing Goldilocks.  She has to stop and take a drink at each pond just to see which one is the best.

 Like a fine wine, each pond has it's own unique flavor.  At least this is what she tells me. I don't make a habit of drinking from the ponds.

 She always makes a point of stopping on each of the stepping stones while crossing the creek.

 See the jumbo paw pushing off the stone?

The Mock Oranges should bloom by this weekend.