Monday, May 20, 2013

The Witch Sisters

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Esmerelda has been very busy working in her garden.

 She put a birdbath out for her birds.  It sits right under their birdhouse.  She also set out her special gold cauldron for a bit of spell work later in the day.

 Her cat, Pyawacket, likes to wander the gardens.  Esmerelda keeps her bike parked by the fence so it is handy for her to run errands.

 Esmerelda likes the occasional swing on her leaf swing. She finds it very relaxing.

 Essy reads lots of natural gardening books.  She studies hard before she chooses something to plant in her yard. She knows to place a banana peel and Epsom salts in the bottom of the hole she dug for her roses.  Then she covers them with 2 inches of soil.  The rose is planted and as the banana peel breaks down, it releases potassium which is very good for the rose.  The Epsom salts release magnesium which is also good for roses.  Her roses covered her trellis overnight.

 Esmerelda likes to keep a tidy cottage.

 Broomhilde doesn't plant much in her garden.  She thinks it is a waste of time.

 The only holes she digs are ones where she buries her money.  She likes to act like she is poor in the hopes that people will feel sorry for her and give her free stuff.  This worked when she was younger, but as she aged, people caught on to her.

 Rats like to chew on the boxes and they have built nests under them.

 Broomhilde places empty pots on top of where the boxes are buried.

 Her cat Jinx tries to keep the rats out of the cottage.

 Her toad, Thomas, does not like the rats. He wishes she would be more honest and just keep her money in the bank like everyone else.

Broomhilde always has her shovel nearby in case she needs to dig her money up in a hurry. She is very paranoid that someone is going to steal it and she spends lots of her day digging up the boxes to make sure they are still there.  It's really quite sad.