Friday, February 8, 2013

A Soggy Day

 Teddy is not happy.  We left early this morning to head to Amish country but the mission was aborted when I saw the temps dropping and the rain began to fall.  It is always about 5 degrees colder there and I did not want to run into ice. So, no 'big puppy' sitings for Teddy this morning.  She did get burgers to bring home which she quickly polished off.  You can see the empty bowl.

 Not a puppy friendly day out there today.  Though it is about 35 degrees, it is damp and the kind of day that chills you to the bone.

 Teddy will spend her day laying by the door looking out.

 And watching all of our snow melt.  I hope those of you that are getting the big storm that missed us are staying safe.

I got this whole box full of fresh veggies this morning for a little over 10.00 and am going to figure out what to turn them into for the shelter.