Monday, July 11, 2011

New Furniture

After quite literally years of mulling over replacing my TV room furniture, I took the plunge and ordered new stuff. I wanted something that would work anywhere because I really want to sell my house and who knows where we will end up and what our future place might look like. I forgot to take a pic of the old furniture, but it was upholstered in patterned fabric. I decided to buy leather this time.

I like mixing formal furniture with rustic. Isn't it funny how you notice things in photos that you don't otherwise see. I have a clear bulb and a white one in my wall sconce.

See that thing in the green bowl? That is Tommy Tumbleweed. Long ago on a trip to Taos, I made my husband chase this down the road and grab it. I shipped it home. When they packed it, they boxed it with Styrofoam peanuts. Tumbleweeds are cacti and are very sharp. It took forever to pick those peanuts off of Tommy.

This is where my sofa used to sit. Why didn't I plan this better and have the rug cleaned before the furniture arrived?

Here is the new furniture. Very different and pretty plain. Click for a better look.

Not bad but something was really missing. I put a beaver throw and some beaver pillows on it but they were too dark and really just not right.

This furniture is so much darker than the old stuff.

This is a table I designed long ago. It is a heavy piece of glass and four old scaffold wheels.

These black pieces are antique tea bins. The name of the tea is Gunpowder and is printed across the front of each one. Not a particularly appetizing name for tea. My black jardiniers are empty because I kill house plants faster than Teddy kills.....well, whatever she can get her paws on!

I shipped that chest back from Korea years ago. Teddy hides her toys underneath it. Chows don't play with toys much but believe me, when she decides she wants one, she knows exactly where they are.

Anyway, back to the furniture. I studied it for quite a while and then it hit me. I need formal accent pillows for the leather furniture! This pic was taken with a flash which sort of washes things out.

This pic was taken without the flash. I think the furniture works much better with the pillows. The pillows on the chair on the right did not work at all.

Another flash shot. The colors are truer when taken without the flash.

I stole the cushions from this recamier in my hallway.

I dug through my closet and found extra material I had left from these pillows when I had them made.

So the pillows were returned to the recamier and I've hunted down a place to make new pillows. Now I need to sketch out what I want them to look like. I'll show you the final results when they are completed.