Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My lavender seems to grow inches each day.  These photos are from yesterday.  It is raining today!!!  We have had such a dry spring and this rain is more than welcome.  I cooked for the shelter all weekend.  I made coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni salad, peanut butter sheet cake and a coconut, pineapple refrigerator cake.  Then we bought them sodas and chips and pretzels and ice cream treats.  They were very happy guys.  No one ever donates treats like that because they don't spoil.  I wanted them to have a Memorial Day celebration like they had when they were kids.  We even bought a bunch of red licorice which really made them happy.  They gathered around us when we took the food in and were as happy as little kids. This morning I made 100 pieces of olive/cheese bread and a huge cinn-a-bun bread pudding.  They gave me lots of stale bread that someone donated to them.

 Teddy likes the smell of the lavender.

 The Baptisia is blooming.  This has replanted itself all over my gardens.

I have lots of green tomatoes now.  We are in for a huge heatwave so I expect to see lots of growth in the garden.

I removed the covers from the plants yesterday.  Everything made it through the cold and the tomatillas actually grew out of their cover in just two days.

Part of my strawberry and blackberry patch.

The blackberries are just about to bloom.

My trusty pup waiting for me to come back up to the main house.  She waits in exactly the same spot each day.

Cherry tomatoes!  They are almost ready to pick.  This is a new type and though they are loaded with tomatoes, the plants themselves do not look great.  Back to cooking for me and enjoying the rain while it lasts!