Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ethnic Shops Continued

I finally made it to the Russian shop yesterday. I bought these apricot filled glazki.

And some cherry juice to make The Blog Techs favorite Sonic drink.

I can't wait to try this Russian butter.

This huge jar of cornichons cost only 4.59. A tiny jar at my grocery store would cost more than this.

Lovely lemon slices.

These crackers are really good with cheese spread on them.

The owners did not speak English. Fortunately, the customer in front of me spoke a little and he helped me out. He bought a 3 # chunk of this meat and I asked him what it is. He said it is called "doctor's meat". In communist Russia, only the doctors could afford to buy this. He said that when communism ended, everyone went crazy for this stuff. I had to try it. It is really quite good. It tastes like a kielbasa flavored bologna.

Some whole grain Russian mustard I picked out. The old store owner gave me a thumbs up when he saw I selected this one.

And Russian candy. I am not a candy eater but years ago a Russian woman gave me some of this and I've loved it ever since. It is usually sold in bulk and is all priced the same. This store charges 8.99 a pound. The Russians use very good dark chocolate in most of their candies. Some are fruit filled and some are filled with crispy bits. I have never had a bad one.

Here is one unwrapped.

I went to a Russia bakery next and bought this wonderful Russian corn rye.

And a garlic, Parmesan baguette....not very Russian but it smells wonderful.

My next stop was a Korean store. And what a find it is. The family that owns it makes lots of the food themselves. This radish kimchi has a mind of it's own. It blew it's lid a couple times on the way home.

I had to put it in a more secure vehicle.

My onion kimchi.

And whole garlic kimchi. My refrigerator smells like dirty socks which makes me very hungry!

The store owner kept giving me packages of things to take home and try for free. I ended up with 3 different kinds of pancakes. Can anyone translate the label? I'm not sure what I have. An eating adventure for sure.

Bulgogi! I usually make my own but I could not pass up uncooked, homemade frozen bulgogi. I will make it this week.

My favorite pickled daikon. If you have never tried this you should. They are great.

A huge bag of homemade chicken dumplings.

Homemade rice cakes.

Homemade egg rolls.

The other pancakes.

It will be a food adventure for sure.

Oops...out of order but this one is a Russian toffee. The nice guy at the Korean place also gave me a tub of something else which I forgot to take a pic of. He kept saying: It is very sweet. For after dinner. Sweet squid. I sure hope he meant sweet squash. I don't think I am down with sweet squid!