Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Braiding Garlic

 The large and the small of my garden.  The big tomato is over 4 inches in diameter.  The small ones are hybrid Black Cherry Tomatoes which I planted for the first time this year.  They are very sweet and are my favorites.

 After drying my garlic for a few days, it was time for some braiding.

 Using a vegetable brush, clean off the dirt.

 Trim off the roots.

 Place one large bulb in the middle flanked by two smaller ones. (notice my thumb works! not as good as it used to but not too bad!)

 Tie these tightly together with a twist tie.

 Place another large bulb on top of the three and right in the middle. The stalk should be right in the middle.

 Cross the stalk on the right over the middle stalks.

 Place a new bulb to the left and aline it's stalk with the middle.

 Repeat until you have used all the garlic and then continue to braid the leaves. Tie together at the end with twine.

 I'm not going to win a gold ribbon in garlic braiding but this will work.

Hang it somewhere to dry.