Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Haunted House

When my kids were small, I made them this haunted house. They loved it and played with it for years. Click on any picture for a closer look.

Click for a closer look. Some of the people that lived here had some really bad luck.

Skeleton wallpaper.

There must have been a horrible "accident" here. Notice the blood on the bed and the floor? And the outline of a body.

And there is blood on each step too.

The Halloween table is set for a party.

Bat punch and a Halloween cake.

Tarot cards for telling your fortune.

A witchy brew has been mixed up to serve.

The cookies are almost decorated.

A costume still needs to be sewn.

Television entertainment.

There are all sorts of treats just waiting for the guests.

A pumpkin pie and marshmallows for toasting.

A clown outfit.

The leaves have been raked and put in the garbage can.

Someone had a ghastly death.

The headless horseman wears a Jack O' Lantern for the party.

It looks like some of the guests are beginning to arrive.

Of course there is a witch!

And a devil dog with red eyes.

Here come two more guests.

Someone already vandalized the pumpkins.

I hate it when people break my pumpkins.

I bet this ghost saw who did it!

There is a big spooky spiderweb on the window.

Time to get the party started.

First I will carve some new pumpkins. Even the cat gets a treat of spilled milk.

This witch had a bad ending.

I think I will pass on tonight's main course.

But bobbing for apples looks like fun!