Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Day in Salem

The Blog Tech is ready to do his job.

One of my favorite houses.

There is wonderful iron work all over this town.

One of the many re-enactors you pass on the streets.

The Lizzie Borden museum.

It sells these photos that change from scary.....

to normal.

I think she did it!

Daniel Low produced the original Salem witch spoons back in the 1800's. Now his building sports a huge blow up JOL. Daniel is probably spinning in his grave.

All of the food stores offer pumpkin flavored everything! Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cakes and bread. Duncan doughnuts has pumpkin doughnuts.

This is really cute. Click for a better look.

There are displays of cabbages and mums and pumpkins and gourds all over town.

The Blog Tech made his sister do this.

And this. She found the house that we are renting. Though it is wonderful, the first 24 hours were fraught with problems. He said she deserved to be in the stocks for finding it.

The carnival is in town.

This place is supposedly haunted. They are situated below the town cemetery. Years ago there was a bad storm and the basement walls in this place collapsed and bodies from the 1700's flowed into the foundation. It has been one of the most haunted places in Salem ever since.

If you are into Michael Jackson this is a chance of a lifetime.

And speaking of scary things. I know Teddy has a lot of fans out there. And I know you think she is cute and cuddly. This pup was interested in befriending her.

But not for long. Teddy showed her true nature once again. I told the dogs owner that Teddy wasn't friendly yet he let his dog approach her. When this happened he told his dog.......see, I told you!

Salem is not just for kids.

These ladies are just visitors but this is just about the only place you can let your witch flag fly and get away with it.

I can't believe our trip is winding down. The BT got a big show and has to leave with his sister tomorrow. The fun leaves with them so we are going to follow the fun and leave a day early too. We are heading back on Saturday so the BT will be doing another guest post for me on that day. So, I will be announcing the giveaway for this weeks basket tomorrow morning....Friday. I also will be posting the first Salem giveaway for the next week on Friday too. It is a doozy so make sure to stop by to enter.

**Also, tomorrow I will be showcasing my favorite witch store in Salem!

***There is one day left to enter this weeks giveaway by clicking on the Teddy's Treats button on my sidebar.