Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Festival in the Woods

 We went to this wonderful festival yesterday. It was held in a heavily wooded area.

 I was so tempted to buy that set of nesting boxes but I passed.

 You can bring your chairs here to have them caned. 

 Hand carved rocking horses.

 You can watch the guy carve them too.

 It was nice and shady in this sweltering heat.

 Big foot.

 Fun Halloween burn barrels.

 Many of the trees have carvings on them.

 Lawn ornaments.

 Cutting boards.

 Cute broom holders.

 Another tree carving.

 These copper tiles were really pretty up close.

 A great broom. I already have one very similar to it.

Wooden spoons being carved.
BBQ chicken and mashed potato parfait and spiral cut fries with vinegar might be the best part of the fair.
 A typical scene for us. Everyone else is arriving just as we are leaving.  We don't spend much time at these things.