Sunday, May 31, 2015

Before and After

This is the lower garden in the beginning of May.
Here it is yesterday.
Looks a little bit different, eh?
The strawberry patch a month ago.

Bird heaven yesterday.  I think I picked 3 berries before they got to it.
The stairs on May 2nd.

The same shot on May 29th.  The pond pump is broken and Teddy is looking for her creek. 
The water is low in all the ponds until we get it running again.  The PVC pipe cracked from the cold weather last winter.  The pond people said they never see that happen.

I planted an Eastern Redbud tree a few days ago.  I am so excited to see this next Spring. These trees grow wild in the mountains here and they are just beautiful when they blossom.

Giant hostas and ferns. 

Teddy is looking at me as if to ask, where is my water? Soon puppy, soon.

We just started to mulch the berry patch.

Celery, tomatoes, edamame, garlic, cucumbers and beans.

Teddy is looking for 'bad kitties'.

The roses are blooming by the potting shed which is about to be painted.

The garden doors need to be stained.  The work really never ends.

The dry creek bed.

The katsura's.  These are the trees that smell like cotton candy a couple times each day.
Looking back to the top.  It's a jungle.
Teddy takes her time climbing back to the upper garden.  It's a long haul for those short legs.

My Mock Oranges are blossoming all over the gardens.  These are in front of my driveway.