Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again

Didn't I just make this recently? I know, I know! But I was down to the dregs in the larder and all I ever seem to have left when I go there is cabbage and potatoes. Plus, this is a superb dish. And, this time I used cheddar brats. And I found some fresh dill and thought to add it to the potatoes! I think it turned out even better than the last time and I thought for those of you who made it, you might want to try this version. It was also the only post I had to put up today. I have early spring cleaning fever and have been tearing my house apart.

Fry some bacon or use bacon grease or oil.

Add a head of shredded cabbage to the hot grease.

Use your favorite sausage.

The beginning of the oven baked mashed potatoes. I always warm milk, some butter and about 3 T. of cream cheese and 1-2 tsp. of salt as the base for the potatoes.

Add the cabbage to the oil and saute over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Cover it to cook the cabbage faster.

Add some granulated onion, about 2 tablespoons. Add some chicken or beef broth, about 2 cups.

Grate in some nutmeg. About 1/4 tsp..

The cabbage will cook down and soften. At this point add a cup of whole milk, half and half or if you really want to be indulgent, a cup of cream.

Cook your sausages on a griddle pan or skillet.

Scrape the baked potatoes into the bowl with the milk mix. Mash them until you have the desired consistency adding more milk as needed. Finely dice a bunch of fresh dill and add it towards the end. Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.

Put three scoops of potatoes down the middle of your plate and add the cabbage around the edge. Top the potatoes with slices of the sausage. I serve this with grainy mustard.

This will probably be the last time I make this until next year.