Saturday, May 4, 2013


 The climbing hydrangeas have climbed up to the roof.  There are clematis mixed in with them.

 The phlox is still blooming.

 When Teddy climbs the steps from the lower gardens, she takes off with a blast. Click for a closer look.

 Then she slows down and rests a bit.

 Then sets off with another blast.

 She always rests before crossing the creek.

 And then slowly climbs the last steps.  I don't blame her.  I am up and down these all day long and they are a real workout.

 The sweet woodruff is blooming.

 And the ferns continue to fill out.

Teddy likes her upper garden best.  I have been working on a big dinner for the shelter tomorrow.  I have been getting up before sunrise and I go out and organize everything for planting.  I start planting before the sun comes up and it is wonderful.  It's cool and breezy and totally enjoyable.  I can plant and work on the gardens for several hours before I start cooking.  I planted 100 strawberry plants, hummingbird vines, clematis, eggplants, tomatoes, yarrow and rhubarb this morning. Please planting gods send me rain.  We have no rain in the forecast for at least another week.