Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Fallen Leaves

 Remember when I showed the leaves on my Japanese Maples 2 days ago?  I was thinking that at least a few trees would still look pretty for our big Thanksgiving celebration.

 I as wrong.

 I guess Mother Nature told them they had to drop their leaves before the Full Beaver Moon.

 Icicles on the waterfall.

 At least I have a magical carpet  in my woods.

 Though I have icicles on my creek, I have roses blooming by the potting shed.  Weird weather.

 I even cleaned up my potting shed a bit.

All of my gardening necessities.
The Weeping Beech is always one of the last to give up her leaves but she did it right along with the Acers.  Wouldn't this be a perfect place for grandchildren to play?  Just sayin'!