Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings Time and Giveaway

There is a new button on the side of my post for a spring giveaway party. Click on the Green Man to visit and enter. The clocks moved forward so I was able to see the snow a bit later this morning.

Snow on the roof of the bird feeder.

Snow on the birds.

My witch looks like she is ready to sweep the snow away.

I can't believe these glass garden totems are not breaking in this weather.

The opposite of a hot seat.

Even the spider on the side of my wood burning oven is iced.

Hey Teddy, check out the snow on our hose.

What? You are not impressed?

What do you mean you aren't talking to me until I make the snow go away?

Okay....walk away and sulk. You've been blaming me for the snow this whole winter. I keep telling you, mama has no control over the snow.

And lucky me, look what I found on my bedroom ceiling.

And then I found this on the Blog Tech's old bedroom ceiling.

And then I swore a lot.

As long as I was in the Blog Tech's old bedroom I thought I would show you around.

That is a self portrait he did of himself on top of the armoire. I was in a Southwestern mode when I designed his bedroom. The black plastic bucket collecting the roof leak is an especially stylish touch.

His bed is built on a platform and has a dozen drawers under it.

When the Blog Tech lived here this room was never this neat!