Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Fall Town

So far today I have made a cheese ball, Williamsburg Peanut Soup, spinach squares, pumpkin pie dip and I roasted a chicken for chicken chili.  I will eventually post all of the recipes.

On our way back from Amish country, we stopped in this very cute town.

It was all decked out for Halloween.  A witch on a tree.  Click to enlarge.

This old mill house is filled all kinds of Americana to buy.

A witch bicycling through the air.

In front of the old meeting house.

An old man in the tree.

A Conestoga wagon in front of the summer kitchen.

A witch sitting on top of a covered bridge.

Oops...witch accident.

Inside the mill house, I spotted a trap door.

Fall roping.

Amish porch swings for sale.

It looks like the witch is dumpster diving.

Such a  cute sign.

I bought a few things for my party here which I will show in a later post.

Once again, we saw many cute houses and lots of them had the metal stars.

Loving this fence!

Another abandoned place.

I can just imagine how nice this once was.  I can picture the chicken surrounding that old coop.

I am sure it is as old as this tree.  I would love to restore a place like this.

We saw glorious Fall scenes all the way home.

Another Conestoga wagon, this one decorated for Fall.

Great tree!
An then I spotted this.....a geodesic dome house.  I would love to see the inside and know the story behind this place.  We once rented a geodesic dome in the San Juan Islands off of the Washington coast.

So back to my party prep.

I will have recipes soon!