Saturday, November 6, 2010

A New Giveaway and Maine

The winner of last week's giveaway is: linda@alacarte

This week's giveaway if for a great basket from Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine. If you haven't checked out their website you should. They have great stuff and I stop there each year on my trip.
The basket includes some items from the store itself and things I picked up here and there along the trip. There is blueberry soap, maple syrup, blueberry jam, dip mix and all kinds of goodies. To enter leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday!

This is the outside of Stonewall Kitchen.

It is situated in a quaint setting.

They have a wonderful kitchen and you can dine outside.

My favorite license plate.

They sell housewares and garden things too.

And they have the coolest bathrooms.

When we leave Stonewall Kitchen, we head to Ogunquit, Maine. Along the way we saw many places decorated for Fall. This is made from hay rolls.

We always take Teddy to Wells Beach. Hey lady, do you know you have a gull on your roof?

Gulls....they are everywhere.

This is their beach.

They have no fear of humans at all.

I actually think they enjoy using us as poop targets.

I swear they would sit right on your head if you let them.

Teddy loves this beach.

As you can see it is very rocky and treacherous to walk on.

But Teddy is not deterred, she is on a mission.

I've seen this look before.

It is her 'time to roll' look.

Teddy is a roller.

She doesn't just roll, she squiggles in the sand.

Total puppy bliss.

Some dog experts say that dogs roll because they want to take on a new scent.

Then they will not stick out to other animals as a newcomer.

However, this does not explain why she will roll on any towel she comes upon. If I so much as drop a dish towel, down she goes.

And god forbid we come across a dead animal....they are Teddy magnets.

She is pretty much the same with poop.

But there is nowhere she enjoys rolling more than Wells Beach.

And just that quickly she is back up!

And off on her walk.

Except she always stops to see....

just where mama is!

Mama is capturing the Blog Tech capturing me!