Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sushi for the Kids

Yesterday I made the after school kids sushi.  None of them had ever had it before and some were dying to try it.  I made 150 pieces.  There was no raw fish; I thought that would be tough for the first try so I made it with shrimp, crab and tamago (Japanese omelet).  What an experience it was.  Some of the kids were afraid to try it but in they end they all ate some.  About half the kids loved it  A few kids only ate a couple pieces and they were dared by the other kids to try it.  There was a lot of laughter and they had lots of fun.  In the end, there wasn't a piece left.  I made a large shrimp cocktail with the extra shrimp and the kids really loved that.
 I made a vat of banana pudding which no one had trouble eating.

And look what they did!  As an end of the year thank you, they baked for me!!!  They signed their names in purple.  Click for a closer look.