Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We finally got rain.  It's been a rainy Spring in many places but it kept missing us.  I was watering the gardens way more than I should have been for this time of year. So finally I am getting a bit of a break.
 And it is Day Lily season.

 The rain made my Oakleafs sag.

 Teddy is not happy.  She lays under her umbrella even though the rain is blowing in under it.

 It's good for the veggies though.  I have lots of tomatoes now.

 And peppers.

 Evn the jalapenos are growing.

 I was so excited to see my first eggplant until I went out this morning and saw that the wind had snapped it off, bummer.

My clematis is weighed down too.
 I'll enjoy the rain while we have it.

It's back to the 90's for the weekend.