Monday, April 28, 2014

The Ramp Festival

 We finally arrived at the ramp festival. The first booth was selling Colombian street food called cachapas which are like cornmeal pancakes.  You could get them with any of the above selections and, of course, topped with ramps.

 This place was making Philly cheese steaks with ramps.

 He showed us his prepared ramp stash.

 The meat is browned over a grill and then the ramps are mixed in. They were excellent.

 Ramp risotto.

 The end of the tracks literally ended right in town.

 The train tracks leading into town and the train station to the left.
 Appalachian musicians.

 They preformed traditional Appalachian dances which was very interesting because The Blog Tech spent lots of time talking to them and they were all from Seattle.  The local college had recruited them.

 Click to enlarge. There were lots of ramp soups offered at this fair.

 Two of the cooks.
 Battered fried ramps served with ramp sauce.

This booth was selling ramp hamburgers.  They mixed chopped ramps with the ground meat and then grilled them.  They were very good.
 Ramp salsa.

 And then the train rolled in.

 The train was pulling passenger cars as far as you could see.  It was taking passengers on a scenic tour of the area.  Tickets were sold out!  That's how many people this event attracted.  It was such a fun day.