Monday, November 9, 2015

House Tour

 I spent the weekend working on The Blog Techs house.  I have the cold that is going around and this bug has bitten me bad.  I rarely get sick so this is surprising.  This is one really bad cold. I've been keeping myself busy, trying not to focus on it too much. So, I hung drapes.  Hanging drapes has to be near the very bottom of my list of things I like too do. 

 But I got almost all of them up and as long as no one touches them, they should be fine.

 The lighting in this place makes it difficult to get good photos of the colors.  I used Sherwin Williams macadamia on the walls.  It's a wonderful beige that has no blue or yellow tones to it.  It's a natural true beige.  Though in these photos it looks very yellow.

 Missing a tie back here.  My painters remove hardware and stash it and it's like a treasure hunt trying to find it when I need it.

 I have a burl bowl collection and I added one to this sideboard to emphasize the wood tones on the piece.

I'll hang some art this week.
 I replaced all of the old floor registers with new honeycomb brass ones.

 The blinds have been hung too.  I chose white wooden blinds to reflect more light since this place tends to be on the dark side.

The carpet is here and I am waiting for the coffee table and side table to be delivered.

 The original mud slip bathroom.

 Originally I didn't like the colors but with the new color scheme in the house, it looks rather nice. It's a little surprise of color when you open the door.

 I replaced all the ceiling fixtures with these polished nickel ones that are similar to the big ship's light in the living room.

 Looking down the hall to the master bedroom.

 The kitchen has a silver tile backsplash along the wall behind the counter.

 The kitchen door has been primed and is ready for black paint.

 I'll finish putting this bedroom together this week.

I love the furniture in the upstairs bedrooms.  It reminds me of doll furniture my father brought back from Germany.
 A bit more work and the 3rd bedroom will be finished.

 I should have taken better pics of this bed.  I bought this years ago in a fabulous store in a small town in Connecticut.

 I have no idea why I did not buy drapes for this room but now I have to try to find matching ones.

 So, this is what I've been up to.  A few final touches and then I tackle the basement.  That is a whole other story!