Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ratatouille Bread

 After making the tian for the shelter the other day, I still had lots of vegetables left over.

 The shelter had tons of stale loaves of round bread which, of course, they gave to me.

 So, what to make with all of that bread?

 I made a load of ratatouille with all of the vegetables.

I cut the bread into shallow bowls and brushed them with garlic butter and baked them until they were crisp on the outside.
 I lined them with provolone and baked them a bit longer until the cheese melted.

 Then I piled them with ratatouille and covered them with more cheese.

I baked them until the cheese was all melted and they were heated through.  I made enough to feed 100 guys.  They were still hot when I got to the shelter and the guys immediately cut them into wedges and passed them out for everyone. It was a really good way to feed the guys lots of good fresh vegetables.