Saturday, October 29, 2016


 Halloween is on Monday and it is a love/hate time for me.  I love it so much and I hate it when it's over.

 This year I have made it a point to enjoy every minute of Fall.

 I build a fire almost every evening and open all of my doors and windows.

 I've visited every local farm market and stocked up on pumpkins.

 Teddy is enjoying her pumpkin pack.

 The Blog Tech and his wife (tee hee...I so love having a married Blog Tech)  are going to a Halloween party and she is dressing up as a witch.  I told you she is the perfect DIL!  She is wearing a witch hat I made for her which reminded me that I made a lot of witch hats last year.  This is one of them.

 Here is another.

 I think this one went to Canada.

 Some of them had ravens on them.

 I customized them to match personalities.

 Click any pic for a closer look.
 Some had spiders.

 As usual, I got a bit carried away.  I must have made  a dozen of them.

 Even Teddy got a hat.

A 'good witch' hat!  Good thing we don't need too many of them.  BTW...The Blog Tech is dressing up as a woolly caterpillar.  I'll try to get pics.  I am making Halloween food today for them to take to the party and I'll show you what I made tomorrow.