Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Detour

So, after a long hot drive and quick trip to the fair and the detour from another huge traffic delay, we headed east on Rte. 40. Suddenly we spied this Jack O' Lantern. You can see the Blog Tech taking pics in the the side view mirror.

We zoomed into the parking lot.

Talk about the mother lode!

What a beautious sight!!!

All sorts of gourds and squash.

Mini pumpkins!

This is pumpkin heaven.

Giant pumpkins.

Never pick a pumpkin up by the stem! There is some cosmic pumpkin wisdom in this statement.

Wagons to transport your pumpkins.

The main barn is filled with Halloween shops carrying everything you could want.

Gourd birdhouses for sale.

Fresh cider for a hot day.

This place is huge.

They even had a corn maize you could visit but it was too hot for us to venture into it.

It was so hot these guys stayed in the barn.

Hay for sale.

Look closely at that little ghost. Who could it be???

The Blog Tech was a good sport again!!!

Though I might have pushed his level of mother tolerance a bit.

He's a big boy. He is also going to kill me for posting this. (Little secret....he enjoyed this as much as I did!)

These two chicks were just hanging out.

Though this one shot the Blog Tech the stink eye when he laid down on the ground to take her pic.

Halloween candy for sale.

Pumpkin candy.

A chocolate goat.

And goat heaven.

Billy goat mountain! Can you imagine the fun the goats have playing on this?

*Tomorrow I will show you what we bought at the show.

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