Friday, November 27, 2015

The Stone House

 Well, Thanksgiving is over and the stone house no longer looks like this.  I have yet to sort through pics which were taken just before the feast but I thought I would show some I took as I was setting the place up.  The open floor plan works so well for these parties.  I set a second table up and joked with everyone last night that it was the kids table and wouldn't you know, that is exactly what it ended up being.  Though the kids are all in their 30's! They were joking and making noise and I yelled over from the grown ups table that if they didn't pipe down, they would not get dessert.

 The cheese course was set up on this Belgian sideboard.

 The cuckoo clock was wound.

 It plays Edelweiss on the hour.

 You can see that one of the front porch doors is open which leads to the front porch. The weather was perfect and we had all of the doors open and both fireplaces were burning as well as a very nice fire in the outdoor fireplace right by the desserts.

 I set the table with turkey plates.

 These are antique French plates.
Each plate has a different turkey grouping.
 Instead of moving fragile glassware from my main house, I bought plain very cheap glasses from Ikea and used them. They cost less than 50 cents each and worked just fine.

 I set two buffet tables up for the food and covered all the tables with matching RL table clothes. I'll show pics of the buffet tomorrow.

 The nightlight in the powder room.

 Julia Chow inspects the setup.

 The front porch.

 This was turned into the bar.

 The guests liked the skull chairs.

I made these to add to the dessert buffet.  More tomorrow!