Thursday, December 30, 2010

Teddy Under the Tree

I have been showing so may recipes recently that I have been neglecting the pup. She has taking to napping under the tree.

Every afternoon at nap time she settles in right underneath it. Maybe she thinks Santa will return with more treats.

She has even started dropping her toys under the tree.

She is never very happy to have a camera pointed at her. Especially at nap time.

I woke her up when I started snapping photos.

She went back to sleep quickly though.

She rolled on her side and did a bit of stretching first.

Look at those giant paws.

And then plop....back to sleep.

She always crossed her front paws when she sleeps.

One more look as if to say, enough already!

And then the snoring begins. Don't let those tiny incisors fool you for a minute. Those things are like needles. And on either side of them are giant cuspids (canines) from hell.

Puppy dream land.

I wish I could sleep like this.

Two seconds to fall into total unconsciousness. Unless the doorbell rings!!!