Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Green Man is Hungry

The garden Gods have a good sense of humor. I noticed this early this morning. The Green Man appears to be about to eat my Nightshade. Click for a better look.

My graveyard is filling in nicely.

The Oakleaf Hydrangeas continue to darken.

Soon, these Magnolia pods will darken and drop to the ground scattering their seeds.

This is the Nightshade's flower.

Nightshade aka Bella Donna is poisonous. But perhaps not for The Green Man.

And it's berries are eaten by the birds.

I could not get a good photo of my Water Lilies but they are all blooming right now.

And talk about plants replanting themselves throughout our gardens, look where my oregano now calls home.

It used to grow in this urn but decided it likes the cracks in my steps better.

And check out this Clematis. It has dark purple flowers, lavender and white all on the same plant.

The Autumn Clematis has put out it's buds and is ready to put on quite a display.

This spider spun it's web from the patio all the way up to tree limbs. That makes this web over ten feet tall. The spider is smaller than a dime.

And he is camera shy. He hightailed it up the web when I was taking his picture. Once again, we have tons of spider webs everywhere. This is the third summer this has happened and we have had two really strong winters. I wonder if this predicts another strong winter this year. I sure hope so and it could start tomorrow as far as I am concerned.

I harvested my garlic this morning.

I braided all of it and hung it in the basement. I love my homegrown garlic. It has a much stronger flavor than store bought.