Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bountiful Gardens

 My hydrangeas are the size of basketballs this year.  Some things responded very well to all the rain we had this summer.

 The potting table is beginning to take on a Fall look.

 The witch keeps watch over the lush gardens.

 The feher ozon peppers are terrific this year.

 Surprise peppers.  I forgot to mark these when I planted them. I'm sure at the time I thought I would remember what they are but of course I don't.

 I don't remember this happening before but most of my tomatoes seem to be ripening at the same pace.  I think they will all be ready to pick at the same time.


 This was a weird summer for peppers too.  My plants are like 4 feet high but only now producing peppers.  These are poblanos.

Not a bad year for the garden but not great either.
 My planters floweth over.

And look at the size of the hydrangea plants.  They are gianormous.