Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Faces

I realized the other day that I have lots of Halloween faces in my house. Most are out all year long. These sconces have scary faces.

They hang over a pair of chairs with scary faces. Both the sconces and the chairs faces represent the north wind.

These guys are just out for the holiday and not scary at all.

But this little lady is out all year long because she holds my broom pen.

I have a pair of these monks that were used as pipe holders. Note to self......time to dust.

This is one of a pair of scary faced creatures.

This pair is scary because they have no faces (or heads, arms or legs!).

The Green Man's face glares from my fireplace screen. He is at his best when the fire is roaring.

Just a quick post today because I am behind schedule with lots to do.

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