Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Blog Tech and Thais


 They make me so happy.

 What an experience they are having.

 I dragged my kids all over the world when they were little and they don't remember any of it.

 Something tells me he will remember this trip!

 Thirty odd years ago I was right there.

Now it's their turn.

Paris Part Deux

More pics from Paris. I finally figured out how to post the pics but I don't know how to adjust them so this one is dark.

Creme Brulee. They are killing me with the food pics.

They are eating their way through Paris.

Foie Gras.  OMG.

They are squeezing in a few things besides food.  They saw La Traviata outside last night.

Held at the Hotel des Invalides.

But then back to food again.
I could eat this all day long.  If I get more pics of them today I will post them later.